Price List

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage boosting circulation, promoting relaxation and relief for tense muscles.

Full Body – 1 Hour £40
Back, Neck & Shoulder – 30 Mins £25
Legs – 30 Mins £25

Deep Tissue Massage

Based on Swedish Massage but intensifying the pressure into the muscles to ease areas of pain and promote relaxation.

45 Minutes £35
1 Hour £45
Additional time can be agreed

Hot Stone Massage

Deeply relaxing massage with the use of oils and hot Basalt stones. The heat from the stones goes 10 times deeper than conventional massage.

Full Body – 1 Hour 15 Mins £45
Back, Neck & Shoulder – 45 Mins £35

Combination Massage

Combining Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stone Massage. The deep tissue massage identifies and treats problem areas; and the heat of the stones provides a more intense treatment to the muscles, whilst also promoting better circulation and a deeper state of relaxation.

Full Body – 1 Hour 15 Mins £50
Bespoke – 1 Hour £45
Back, Neck & Shoulder – 45 Mins £40

Aromatherapy Massage

Full body massage using pre-blended Aromatherapy oils carefully chosen by us to fully relax you.

Back, Neck & Shoulder – 30 Minutes £30
Full Body – 1 Hour £45

Indian Head Massage

Beautiful massage to the scalp, neck and shoulders. A very good stress buster. Deeply relaxing treatment.

30 Minutes £25